A multicolored iris representing the multitude of appearances of human irises

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- Iris recognition and identification -

No two irises are alike. Not even the two irises of the same person. Not even the two on this page!


Motivation: There is a strong scientific demand for the proliferation of systems, concepts and algorithms for iris recognition and identification. This is mostly because of the comparatively short time that iris recognition systems have been around. In comparison to face, fingerprint and other biometric traits there is still a great need for substantial mathematical and computer-vision research and insight into iris recognition. One evidence for this is the total lack of publicly available adequate datasets of iris images.

Following the tradition of the face recognition homepage and the face detection homepage this page is intended to be an information pool for the iris recognition community. Its goal is to provide an entry point for the starter as well as a centralized information resource to concentrate iris recognition and related scientific efforts.

Definition: Iris recognition is the process of recognizing a person by analyzing the apparent pattern of his or her iris. 

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Nov. 30, 2002 New page: There's more to security than FAR/FRR/EER.
Oct. 19,  2002 New vendor added.
Oct. 18,  2002 Vastly expanded patent section.
Oct. 2,  2002 Two new iris recognition vendors added in the company section.
Oct. 1,  2002 New section: Iris recognition patents. It will be expanded further during the next few days.
Sep. 30,  2002 New section: Info tab about forging your iris identity.


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